Northern Sadness

by Robert Tilly & Wooden Ambulance

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All songs by Robert Tilly. Arrangements by Wooden Ambulance.

Recorded in several recording sessions during April, July, August, September and October 2015 by Goran Grubišić, Tibor Takacs, Srđan Terzin and Mila Grubišić.

Mixed by Vladimir Grubor and Goran Grubišić in November 2015.
Mastered by Vladimir Grubor.
Everything was recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio 11 (Subotica, Serbia), except some lap steel that's recorded at Srđan's home.

Front cover artwork and design by Damir Rijovich Originalov.
Band photos by Danijel Bibić.

Robert Tilly would like to thank Wooden Ambulance.
Wooden Ambulance would like kindly to thank Gruja, Rijo, Danijel Bibić and Studio 11.


released November 25, 2015

Robert Tilly - lead vocal, acoustic guitar, harmonica, kazoo, flute
Anamarija Tumbas - backing vocals
Balša Pešikan - violin
Boris Čegar - bass guitar, piano, electric guitar, guitar banjo, finger clicking
Goran Grubišić - drums, guitar banjo, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, congas, glockenspiel, bass drum, various shakers, washboard, hand clapping, foot tapping
Srđan Terzin - lap steel guitar
Tibor Takacs - clarinet, saxophone, washboard, bottle whistling, bass drum, bell



all rights reserved


Wooden Ambulance Subotica, Serbia

Wooden Ambulance will crush your heart. No doubt about it.
And you will still ask for more.

After years of laughter and tears, love and drunken nights, broken strings and fingernails, Wooden Ambulance write with the intensity not many musicians have. Far north, where the vast planes meet the horizon they open their souls to play you rough chords that will charm your days to come.
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Track Name: Cold & Twisted
You could never say what Christmas met to me
Cause your pleasure dome went out of travesty
And the home you made lost it s hospitality
And them glorious words of yours turn out to be just what they'll be

You're cold and twisted like the moon

Let me tell you I've been searchin' for so long
And your shining face was smiling oh so wrong
And the home you made lost it's hospitality
And them glorious words of yours turned out to be just what they'll be

You're cold and twisted like the moon
Track Name: Restless Cowboy
Windy thoughts upon the avenue
Standing here and wonderin' what to do
What am I to do, babe
Now when I'm restin' of you
I'm capable to be your man
But I guess you just don't want me to
I'll have to be what I was before I fulfilled
Myself with you

Livin' and dyin'
Each 'n' every way I'm tryin'
I'm a restless cowboy woman,
Across this universe
I'm flyin'
Track Name: Never Could Anyone
Never could anyone who simply lives to die
Say that your valentine loves you more than I
And never could anyone who just shits around to live
Can speak of something that's just on me to give
But with these kinds of thoughts
I won't get much far to put you out of my dreams
Right into my car
Well it's a pity, I'm lightnin' a cigar
'cause i'll always have my dreams
But I never had a car
Track Name: Dr Wasted & Mr Stoned
Well, we were headin' Holland cross the German borderline
And me and ZP's girlfriend we were quarellin' all the time
We arrived at New Years eve, surrounded by the Dordrecht crew
And I left my wife and my kid at home, and I left my lover too

We met some nice people, and we made some music too
But I couldn't stand the happiness, so had to leave too soon

ZP and girl were skyhigh and I was busted for a dope
My Dutch girlfriend asked me if I care, and I surely answered - Nope!

They deported me, so I came back home
A Goulden was all I owned
ZP thought we could call ourselves
Dr Wasted and Mr Stoned
(Well, I didn't mind)...
Track Name: Baby, Come On Home
Babe, c'mon home, sweet child of mine, sweet woman of mine, come on home
Left by me and left by world, You didn't say a single word
Your footsteps still right on that square
Your voice just 'bout everywhere
Baby, come on home, sweet woman of mine, come on home
Left by me in a lifelong time, our life wasn't worth a dime
Memories of been, what's passed, only in our teardrops lasted
Baby, c'mon home, sweet darling, sweet lover of mine, c'mon home...
Track Name: Requiem For A Lover
Hard times, hard times, where to run and hide
Seems you occupied all my pieces of mind
Get into darkness and then deeper in the shade
You always got reasons and there are some still to be made
We are one and nothing more
Now we're headin' to the shore
Some sweet jazz floatin' away
Track Name: Don't Know What To Do With My Life
Don t know what to do with my life
Can't even control my dreams
There's a darkness overyond my pillow
Psychoanalytic kind of thing

There's been a lighthouse castle
Somewhere behind the shade
I guess I'm gonna get me another
I think I'll fix it and get it made

And I still do not know
What it is I've been searchin' for
And I still can not find
Them secret treasure
I once had on my mind
Track Name: Listen To The Oldman
Crawling through the suburbs on the outskirts of town
These are the places my old friends drown me down
Nothing but the dark stars shining on me
Loneliness seems to be my destiny

Listen to the old man
He sings like the sounds of sea shells
Forever he'll be helpless in them chaos of chords
And bittersweet lyrics singing eternally

Is there a place I could hang around
Is there any chance for my woman to be found
I see no light shining down on me
I sing my song eternally

Listen to the old man
He sings like thousand sea shells
Forever he'll be helpless in them chaos of chords
And bittersweet lyrics singing eternally
Track Name: Nan-cey
Look-A -Here are you really in love?
Come closer there are more lovers to come
Look-A -Here I'm your future game,
Your years to come came to the outskirts of town
Downtown, down the avenue
Skies up above, remain totally blue
There's a woman in the deepest darkness
And her desert's waiting on me
Orleans, beaoucup chaun sein Van Dome
C escue te tout la vie, refugee
Slowly the moon passed away
And we left the neon garden
Emptiness is here to stay
And the Moon left aside
Open wide
Track Name: St. Gotthard's Child
St Gotthard miss, so she left the train
Tiptoed through her town
Good evening, said the rain
Her mother was asleep
And so was her dog
So I was standing there
Chatting with the fog

You are what you are, babe,
Ain't no distance that's too far,
Living is up here, babe, in the air...